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Deeply Involved

Deeply involved in Giglio Cooking Culinary School in Florence

The classes will be not pure demonstrations: guest will be "deeply" involved in putting their hand in the food and creating their own dishes

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Sunday, 15 March 2009 16:19

About the author


Author/Chef/Instructor Marcella Ansaldo received her diploma in “Maturità Scientifica” in Livorno. Together with her husband she opened a restaurant on the Tuscan island of Giglio, that within a few years appeared in many travel and gastronomic books. She then received her second diploma at“Instituto Albeghiero”. Marcella taught at Hospitality institute in Florence since 2001. Marcella lives primarily in Florence but her heart and especially her cooking style, remain devoted to the tiny Isola del Giglio where she was born.



I was risen surrounded by natural foods and instinctive cookers. My belief is that food is the beginning of any culture on earth, as it is the starter and the reason why each civilization developed in a certain way. I am a cook, before being a “chef”: someone who likes to elaborate the food in order to feed the body and the soul. Using organic, local, seasonal ingredients was the main reason why my restaurant Le Tamerici in Isola del Giglio – which I have run since 1985 through 1997 - obtained mentions on all the restaurant guides in Italy. After being a cook, I am also a chef, in the sense that I am able to plan, organize, be on time.
Finally I am a teacher, being this the profession I have been doing the last nine years: students say I am good to transmit both the passion and techniques I have gathered by experience and studies.
A “food career” pursued step by step, first watching the women of the family, running the restaurant and studying at the same time, then teaching and writing recipes, never stopping, but searching every day new discoveries and culinary adventures.
If you like to cook feeding your body and soul; if you like to talk about food and exchange experience; if you want to learn techniques with professionalism, respect of seasonality attention to nutritional value, this is the right place for you.
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