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Deeply involved in Giglio Cooking Culinary School in Florence

The classes will be not pure demonstrations: guest will be "deeply" involved in putting their hand in the food and creating their own dishes

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Paige Hanse feedback
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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 31 August 2009 15:13

Marcella Ansaldo – A Student’s Reflection

Over the spring 2009 semester I had the pleasure of being in class with Marcella.  She made my study abroad experience in Florence memorable and pleasurable.  I looked forward to going to cooking class with Marcella every week, as it felt more like a gathering of friends than a classroom.  Despite Marcella’s friend-like relationship with her students, she is respected for her knowledge of culinary arts and culture.  She is easy to listen to and has so much to offer.  

One of my fondest memories of Marcella is the day she taught my class to clean a squid.  Marcella handled the squid with utter fearlessness and encouraged her students to do the same.  Though squeamish, with Marcella’s guidance, I am now proud to say that I can, indeed clean a squid.  

My memories go far beyond the squids and stovetops, though.  I loved when the class began to set the table to sit down and enjoy the food we had prepared.  Our conversations were sometimes educational, sometimes personal, but they were always interesting and friendly.  How could they not be since we were eating the purely delectable food while chatting away?  

I am honored to have been taught by Marcella and know that she has great things in store not just for her own future, but for the futures of those whose lives she touches.  

Thank you,
Paige Hanse

Paige Hanse Paige Hanse
Last Updated on Monday, 31 August 2009 15:29

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